How to Coach Salespeople to Stop Discounting

Hilmon Sorey

As a sales manager, you know that discounting can be a major challenge for salespeople. When salespeople give discounts, they not only reduce the company's revenue, but they also set the precedent that the company's products or services are not worth their full price. To prevent this from happening, it's crucial to coach your salespeople to stop discounting. In this article, we'll explore strategies for coaching your salespeople to avoid discounts and maximize revenue.

Why Do Salespeople Discount?

Before we dive into coaching strategies, it's important to understand why salespeople give discounts in the first place. Some common reasons include:

  • Meeting sales quotas: Salespeople may give discounts to hit their sales targets or quotas.
  • Pressure from customers: When customers are price-sensitive or request discounts, salespeople may feel the need to comply.
  • Competition: Salespeople may discount to compete with other companies or salespeople in the market.
  • Lack of confidence: If salespeople don't feel confident in their ability to sell at full price, they may resort to discounts.

While these motivations may seem reasonable, it's important to address them and coach salespeople to overcome them.

The Risks of Discounting

Before we get into specific coaching strategies, it's important to emphasize the risks of discounting. These risks include:

  • Reduced revenue: Discounts reduce the revenue generated from each sale, which can add up to significant losses over time.
  • Devaluing products or services: When salespeople consistently discount, it sets the precedent that the company's products or services are not worth their full price.
  • Damage to brand reputation: Discounting can also damage the company's brand reputation, as customers may perceive the company as having lower-quality products or services.

Coaching Strategies to Stop Discounting

With the risks of discounting in mind, here are some coaching strategies to help your salespeople stop discounting:

Emphasize the value proposition

Salespeople often discount because they don't believe in the value proposition of the product or service they're selling. By emphasizing the unique value that the company provides and how it differentiates from the competition, salespeople will have more confidence in their ability to sell at full price.

Set clear expectations

Make it clear to salespeople that discounts should only be given in rare cases, and only with prior approval from a manager. By setting clear expectations, salespeople will understand that discounts are not the norm and will be less likely to give them.

Role-play scenarios

Role-playing scenarios can help salespeople build their confidence and practice selling at full price. Create scenarios that highlight the unique value of the company's products or services, and encourage salespeople to sell without giving discounts.

Provide sales training

Sales training can help salespeople learn effective selling techniques and build their confidence in selling at full price. Consider investing in training programs that focus on value-based selling, objection handling, and negotiation skills.

Analyze discount data

Analyze discount data to understand when and why discounts are being given. Look for patterns and identify areas where salespeople may need additional coaching or support.

Celebrate wins without discounts

When salespeople achieve their sales targets or quotas without giving discounts, celebrate their successes. This will reinforce the importance of selling at full price and motivate salespeople to continue doing so.


Discounting can be a major challenge for salespeople, but with the right coaching strategies, you can help your team sell at full price and maximize revenue. Emphasize the value proposition, set clear expectations, role-play scenarios, provide sales training, analyze discount data, and celebrate wins without discounts. By taking these steps,

By taking these steps, you can help your sales team feel confident and empowered to sell at full price, while also protecting your company's revenue and reputation.


1. Why do salespeople give discounts?

Salespeople give discounts for a variety of reasons, including meeting sales quotas, pressure from customers, competition, and lack of confidence in their selling abilities.

2. What are the risks of discounting?

The risks of discounting include reduced revenue, devaluing products or services, and damage to brand reputation.

3. How can I coach my salespeople to stop discounting?

You can coach your salespeople to stop discounting by emphasizing the value proposition, setting clear expectations, role-playing scenarios, providing sales training, analyzing discount data, and celebrating wins without discounts.

4. What should I do if a customer requests a discount?

If a customer requests a discount, salespeople should focus on the value that the company provides and how it differentiates from the competition. They can also try negotiating on other terms, such as delivery times or payment terms, instead of offering a discount.

5. How can I track discount data?

You can track discount data using your company's sales and accounting systems. Look for patterns in the data to identify areas where salespeople may need additional coaching or support.

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